An included diamond crystal that reaches the surface of a cut diamond is called a

Crystals and Mineral Inclusions

A single NV defect implanted near the diamond surface is used to detect proton spins within liquid and solid organic samples placed on the crystal surface

Rich color and a smooth surface are both great features to have in black diamonds

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The more facets a diamond has, the more reflective surfaces there are to bounce and scatter lightDeepak had an awfully good reason for not wanting the lender to everA popular sharpening choice DMT Diamond Whetstone sharpener A popular sharpening choice DMT Diamond Whetstone sharpener is a fit at home or in the shop offering aBecause the marquise diamond is long and narrow, it can also create the illusionDiamonds form about 100 miles (161 km) below the Earth's surface, in the molten rock of the Earth's mantle, which provides the right amounts of pressure and heat toThis is because tectonic plates push them to the surface within a lava-like rock called kimberlite, which is fry-able when exposed