Bed bug heat treatment cost

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Our pesticide treatment for bed bugs is the lower cost option compared to the heat treatmentOur 500X unit is capable of reaching temperatures of 145°F or higher, resulting in total death

Now there is a truly cost effective and 100% effective solution to bed bug extermination in the Toronto area - Heat treatment! Not all bed bug heat treatment companies inOur bed bug heat treatment is also cost effective, and welcomed by most apartment complexes as well

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We use specialized equipment to heat the entire space to 150 degrees to kill all68% of all bed bug infestations require three or more treatments; 26% require two treatments; 6% require one treatmentPlenty of people on these boards have had their bedIt is always good to regularly monitor your bedroom to see if there’s anyUnlike most extermination companies, EcoForce Bed Bug Services has a no-questions-asked service warrantyLet our experienced staff