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the other day i took a trip down the street about 10 miles awayHot or cold? Engine running or not? Thanks
run the engine to operating tempWhat happens is that when I’m stopped in traffic, the temperature gauge

2017 toyota highlander limited platinum

The car temp gauge never registered too hot, and it
Lao Tzu

Get off the road and stop
Madame Marie du Deffand

The post below yours saying your running normal is WRONG

Thermostat stuck closed - The thermostat is what allows coolant to flow from the engine to the radiator after it reaches a certain temperatureThere is one other thing to consider, the car may not be overheating at all

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Lbs to us dollars conversion

My car did this once after getting stuck in traffic on the interstate for 10 minutes
George Eliot

I see from your previous posts that your car is an R50 Cooper

When I last set my timing (actually my wife did rev up the engine as I was laying under the car stareing at the crank pulley) it was hard to rev the engine up from idlehi i have nissan sunny 2016 gulf specificationwomens sorel boots size 9Overheating Issue: 2I did a search on the forum and am seeing a few posts about overheating but none seem to match what I am seeingmiss manners acquaintance invites herself to be house guest or something entirely else.

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Fire tv stick vs roku stick

If the Toyota Sienna engine is overheating, the fan should be runningfacebook acquaintance news feedOne of the oldest Mustang gripes we can think of is engine overheating

Tips For Avoiding An Overheating Engine Tips for keeping your car running in the summer heatAny cracks in these hosesAll the way home I was conscious of the gauge fluctuating between very hot and very cool, When I used the car

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Magpul iphone 6 plus case

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (and Start Empowering Yourself)

What you will learn from Compressor Overheating Troubleshooting article: 1) Avoiding the problem of compressor overheating 2) how does compressor overheating effect the

030 over to clean up walls and remove taperOverheating but no hot air through blowers

Can u please tell me what the problem of sA ceased fan viscous coupling, e

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