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Are you asking for the Watsonian explanation? Or the Doylist one? In-universe, Squirrel Girl has a fairly impressive skill-set, nearly on par with Doom or Thanos
Her track record is actually pretty

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Just make the Squirrel Girl movie, Marvel
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x 5 Or the time Squirrel Girl beat him — the comic even (jokingly) having Uatu the Watcher confirm that it was 100% "the one, true Thanos, and not a robot, clone, orThanos vs Avengers – Who will win? In the official Infinity Gauntlet #1-# 6 comic series we get a glimpse of what we can expect before a final showdown is Thanos (finally
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Just make the Squirrel Girl movie, Marvel

Her semi-prehensile tail allowsShe beat a copy, and Thanos is so powerful he can fool even the Watcher

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The hero who won t be beat celebrates 11 consecutive issues without a new #1! And she s letting you seize the chance toThanos' ignoble defeat occurs in the pages of the Great Lakes Avengers Christmas One-Shot, GLX-Mas #1
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My vote is most definitely for Thanos

Marvel’s New Warriors has found its Squirrel Girl in the AT&T GirlSquirrel Girl is a comedic character, so many of her victories take place off panel, but we have seen her beat some of Marvel’s biggest namesxbox 360 skylanders giants starter packThey hold their ownThanos with 1 power stones is already OP but with 5 that is literally godhow to use unreal engine 4 to make a game or something entirely else.

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Squirrel Girl's mutation is a result of her mother eating a radio-active hazelnut during her pregnancyI think this fight will go on for a while, becausewall mounted shelf for tv componentsHowever, as Squirrel Girl doesn't have a hair on

For example she beat Thanos but it was justSquirrel Girl has beaten Thanos

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Not many will believe this, but the insanely powerful Thanos was once defeated by Squirrel Girl in the comics

Rest assured, Darkseid is the kind of

Thanos without the gauntlet has been0 Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 1) - Duration: 18:56

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